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3 Brands With Outstanding Strategies Using Vietnamese Translation Services (P4)

Posted by Chloe G. on December 31, 2021.

Have you ever wondered about the most outstanding global brand in Vietnam’s localization strategy? Many businesses come to Vietnam and use their connections to reach out to more Vietnamese customers through Vietnamese translation services.

Localizing your brand for the Vietnamese market is crucial to maximize its potential. On the other hand, localization is a time-consuming process that requires the collaboration of professionals from various fields. It is a significant investment due to its complexity.

The industry, target locales, budget, and other factors influence a company’s localization approach in Vietnam.

Therefore, you should carefully consider which type of localization method is ideal for you. To make things easier, here’s a list of three brands that have successfully localized their content into Vietnamese.

After part 1, part 2, and part 3, in this part 4, We’ll take a closer look at the localization strategies used by businesses in various industries in Vietnam, so you can better understand what would best suit your needs using Vietnamese translation services.


Vietnamese Translation Services

Wikipedia is frequently the first result in any search, and there’s a reason for that. The website is available in over 320 languages, making it one of its most localized websites.

It is now ranked 13th on Alexa, with an estimated volume of over 5.5 billion visits.

When it comes to Wikipedia’s localization approach in Vietnam, we must consider Wikipedia. This is a community-driven content website where anyone can contribute written content or articles on numerous Vietnamese subjects.

The main goal of the Vietnamese Wikipedia is to inform and distribute knowledge.

The company has designed a Content Translation tool for this purpose, which any Vietnamese user may utilize on the Internet.

You can use this tool to translate an existing article into a different language. This procedure is usually done for free by volunteers, and all of the translations are provided by the users!

The website’s design has become linked with the Wikipedia brand. It prioritizes readability to meet the needs of its consumers. As a result, regardless of the Vietnamese language, the website’s design and colors remain the same.

To make sure your website is user-friendly with Vietnamese customers, you must work with a pro translation company for your Vietnamese translation services.



Vietnamese Translation Services

Every traveler’s best friend is Tripadvisor! It is one of the most popular travel tips websites, with an estimated volume of almost 170 million visits.

Travel information, reviews, and ratings for various rentals worldwide are available on the website. The website is accessible in 28 different languages.

The fascinating thing is that the websites consider the fact that Vietnamese has a variety of dialects.

It’s also worth noting that the website’s reviews and guides are also available in Vietnamese. However, when it comes to reviews, they are frequently translated by their machine.

While the translation may contain some errors, the essential thing is that the reader understands what is being stated.

However, Tripadvisor has its website and social media translated into Vietnamese with high-quality Vietnamese translation services.

Overall, Tripadvisor has a Vietnamese localization strategy that focuses on providing comfort to its international users by paying attention to the specifics.


Vietnamese Translation Services

Nivea has chosen to have different domains for each language that they offer. For example, the German domain receives about 1 million visitors, whereas the British site has over half a million.

Nivea’s website provides a description of its goods and blog posts in Vietnamese using Vietnamese translation services on a variety of topics.

The company invests in translation and adapts to create articles for the Vietnamese audience to suit their tastes.

The localization strategy of Nivea involves the translation of already existing content but adapting quickly to the Vietnamese language & culture. 


How can you choose solid Vietnamese translation services?

Hopefully, these companies have inspired you to invest in localization to sell your product in Vietnam using Vietnamese translation services. I’m sure you’ve realized by now that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for localization.

Building solid relationships is crucial when it comes to doing business in Vietnam. Furthermore, because Vietnamese culture is so distinct, knowing what it is and how to deal with it will significantly boost your chances of success.

Vietnamese language translation is not simple. That is why a high-quality, cost-saving Vietnamese translation service like GTE Localize, with many skilled Vietnamese translators, is available for even the most technical Vietnamese translation.

GTE Localize provides a comprehensive range of Vietnamese translation services to help you with your company’s communication and operations. We strive to exceed your expectations with all our services on every occasion.

Vietnamese Translation Services

To eliminate errors and improve accuracy, we use cutting-edge technologies. Our clients appreciate our precise translations, helpful staff, and timely delivery.  

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Before you start planning your localization strategy, there are a few things to think about. Reach out to us for assistance with your Vietnamese expansion.