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3 Brands With Outstanding Strategies Using Vietnamese Translation Services (P3)

Posted by Chloe G. on December 31, 2021.

Vietnam is a promising market for various global businesses. To attract numerous Vietnamese audiences and get more sales, Vietnamese translation services are the key for you.

If you consider expanding into Vietnam and want to create an impact in this fast-developing market, perhaps you’d like to enhance your company’s communications, localize your website, software, or mobile app, or adapt company manuals from another language into Vietnamese.

After part 1 and part 2, you may get a lot of information about localization strategy from many global brands, including Coca-Cola, Netflix, KFC, etc.

In this part 3, we’ll look at how three brands, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Spotify, catering to different cultures in the Vietnamese market using Vietnamese translation services. Let’s see if you can apply any strategy to your brand.



Vietnamese Translation Services

You may get your morning coffee from a Starbucks location near you if you’re a coffee drinker.

Starbucks is undoubtedly the best well-known coffee chain globally with thousands of fans. It is still open day by day and is now available in more than 70 countries worldwide.

In Vietnam, Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee stores. Starbucks’ success and popularity in Vietnam are due to its well-thought-out business localization strategy with Vietnamese translation services. 

Starbucks has been able to adapt to the tastes of Vietnamese culture through localization, successfully attracting Vietnamese customers to drink the U.S. coffee style. This is amazing in Vietnam, where tea and Vietnamese coffee are the most popular drinks.

Localization, one of the various translation services, goes beyond simple translation. The service makes sure that all products and company information of Starbucks is in Vietnamese.  

Starbucks ’ company website and social media are available in Vietnamese and comply with Vietnamese customs, traditions, laws, and regulations.

Localization makes Starbucks friendly and relevant, eliciting trust and confidence from Vietnamese customers because Starbucks becomes one with them, listens, and adapts to their needs.

Before partnering with local coffee companies and participating stores, Starbucks does significant research into Vietnamese people’s history, culture, and taste preferences.

Before it began to build its participating stores in Vietnam, it conducted market research. Starbucks tailors its menu to meet the needs of Vietnamese customers while sticking to its brand.

Its localization strategy combines local items with unique store designs, allowing it to adapt to Vietnamese culture fully.

For example, Starbucks structures in Hoi An have low roofs, and the majority of them make direct connections to the old city’s vibe. The business is designed to resemble a local craft store and is created in a traditional Vietnamese house.

To create the ideal vibe in participating stores, the company employed Vietnamese designers.

Starbucks also offers Vietnamese foods and drinks, such as Vietnamese coffee. The sizes are smaller, and the food is less sweet than those available in American shops.

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Vietnamese Translation Services

McDonald’s is a well-known international brand. McDonald’s engages in “glocal” marketing activities while maintaining its overarching branding.

McDonald’s brings a local flavor to Vietnam with region-specific menu items. For instance, McDonald’s offers Vietnamese coffee in its Vietnamese restaurants.

Moreover, with Vietnamese translation services, McDonald’s also offers its website, social media, app, menu, flyers, catalog, etc., in Vietnamese to bring the best customer experience online and offline.

How to Imitate McDonald’s Strategy? Opening stores in Vietnam can be the first and most natural answer. You may celebrate the flavors of your company by hosting a “National Day” and posting about it on your social media platforms and website. This will put you on the radar of customers who might eat certain meals regularly, and it will also help you spread the word in the Vietnamese market.

For the Vietnamese market, Vietnamese translation services are a must.


Vietnamese Translation Services

Spotify presently has offices in more than fifteen different countries. According to Interbrand, Spotify is one of the best global firms in the world. We’ve all known about Spotify, but how did it expand so fast from Sweden to the rest of the world and Vietnam?

Spotify’s business model is around assisting you in discovering new music with Vietnamese translation services.

You can listen to music that suits your “gym” or “sleep” tastes in Spotify’s “Browse” area, in addition to “country” and “hip-hop” in Vietnamese.

By changing how it describes its content, Spotify allows users to listen to music beyond their preferred styles and instead satisfies habits and lifestyles that the audience shares in Vietnam. This allows Vietnamese artists to reach listeners simply by categorizing their products differently.

Spotify’s example is a winner because its marketing strategy is entirely product-based. It offers music, podcasts, and media in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese audiences couldn’t help but start using the product. If your product lends itself to that, try featuring items or products that appeal to Vietnamese customers.

One of the easiest ways to begin marketing is to offer your website in Vietnamese. You can translate your content into Vietnamese to make the process quicker than creating Vietnamese content from the beginning. 

If you cannot translate your website with your team, you can work with a translation agency for your Vietnamese translation services. 


Start a Business in Vietnam with Budget-saving Vietnamese translation services

If you want to take your company global, you’ll need to figure out how to localize your product for the Vietnamese market. What’s your first move? Take some inspiration from one of the companies listed above.

Begin small and work your way up as your business in Vietnam grows. You can check out part 4 here.

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