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3 Brands With Outstanding Strategies Using Vietnamese Translation Services (P1)

Posted by Chloe G. on November 23, 2021.

Not all successful marketing campaigns in the US/Europe will have the same effect when deployed in Vietnam. The reason is the difference in preferences and behaviors of customers in Vietnam. Therefore, most firms have chosen to tailor their commercials to Vietnamese consumers when entering the Vietnamese market.

According to CSA Research, around 75% of consumers prefer to buy goods with content printed in their Vietnamese dialect. When compared to English-only alternatives, personalized advertising succeeds in over 86 percent of cases.

The 3 companies below have had great success in using Vietnamese translation services for their campaigns. Check out their success stories and draw some lessons for your business.

Coca-Cola With Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Coca-Cola sells approximately 2 billion units every day around the world for a reason. They localize content for every market.

Coca-Cola is one of the few multinational companies to have succeeded in capturing the Vietnamese market for more than a century. Because Coca-Cola is so popular in so many countries, localizing its products and packaging are a major concern for the company. With Vietnamese translation services, Coca-Cola has taken considerable care to produce localized packaging for the Vietnamese market to ensure that its product line resonates with Vietnamese customers.

Coca-Cola’s cans were customized for the Vietnamese market. To capture consumers’ attention, the new package includes well-known local celebrities, noteworthy events, and localized product content on each can. The brand’s grasp of the Vietnamese market is also evident in the packaging.

The company’s marketing and content localization skills were put on display during the “Share a Coke” campaign, which debuted in 2014. In this campaign, Coca-Cola utilized several common Vietnamese names such as Hung, Tuan, Anh, Linh, Trang, etc. to come up with phrases like “Share a Coke with Tuan”, “Share a Coke with Linh”, etc. on each bottle.

If people don’t know each other’s names, how can they sustain intimate personal relationships? On the other hand, Coca-Cola substituted terms like “classmate” and “close buddy” for names. The method allowed the marketing team to get over cultural barriers while maintaining the integrity of their product awareness campaign.


Netflix With Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Netflix rules the world when it comes to adapting materials to the Vietnamese market with Vietnamese translation services. The company’s objective is to give Vietnamese clients the films and documentaries they want to watch because where people live have a big impact on their tastes and preferences.

Netflix ensures that subtitles are translated based on the needs of their target audiences – the Vietnamese language – because no one will watch a movie in a language they don’t understand. Even the site and movie recommendations change based on location and language.

Netflix’s attempts to create content illustrate the company’s dedication to app localization. Netflix has made enormous investments in the development of original Netflix episodes, films, and documentaries during the last decade. Netflix releases content that is aware of cultural and political influences, unlike Disney and Pixar, which focus on telling American stories.

In 2021, Netflix chooses Vietnamese KOLs including rapper Suboi to promote in Vietnam.


KFC With Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Kentucky is home to KFC’s headquarters, which is known for its unique Southern American local dishes. Despite this, only four decades after the company opened its first location, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a prized property in Vietnam, millions of miles to the East.

Managers at KFC in Vietnam opted not to follow the same business model as in the United States. For example, in order to achieve their profit margins, American investors focused on selling new items as a franchising potential. Because food quality had to be similar throughout all stores, there was no room for creativity.

However, because food is so important in Vietnamese society, quality had to come first. Rather than serving the same menu, the managers changed the items that piqued the interest of the people by introducing products that were tailored to the Vietnamese palate such as Pho (Vietnamese noodle). KFC was a huge hit, and many residents still think of it as their favorite fast food business.


Globalization And Localization Go Hand In Hand

Most businesses are always thinking about how to expand. However, increasing sales through strategies such as content localization and marketing may ensure that you not only improve sales but also drive brand recognition in the Vietnamese market.

Ambitious globalization efforts are only bad if they are not accompanied by competent localization strategies. A corporation that ignores its Vietnamese audience’s cultural and social inclinations risks releasing insensitive advertisements that irritate the populace.

If your brand identification bothers Vietnamese customers (for example, by failing to translate product labels or convert prices to local currencies), they are more likely to choose your competitor’s goods and services. Make sure you follow in the footsteps of localization powerhouses like Coca-Cola, KFC, and Netflix, since the Vietnamese market is your playground.


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