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13 Popular Translation Tools for Translators

Posted by Anne Q. on June 10, 2020.

Translation tasks have never been easy for translators, experienced or inexperienced. Before working on a translation and localization project, translators spend a great deal of time doing research on related topics, looking up dictionaries or searching for terminology. Luckily, in the digital revolution era, many translation tools have been developed to increase the quality and consistency of a translation, reducing the burden on translators. Also, some translation tools provide solutions for connecting team members, tailoring a smooth workflow, and managing the translation process, directly benefiting translation agencies and clients.

Below is the list of 13 popular translation tools that translators should try at least once.

CAT Tools

1. SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio is among the most popular translation tools in the world, trusted by over 250,000 professional translators worldwide and used by most translation agencies. Thus, using SDL Trados increases your chance of receiving more projects and expanding your client base. The tool features powerful translation memory technology that allows you to easily reuse your previous translations. What makes SDL Trados more outstanding is its easy-to-use cloud-based terminology management where you can share, import, or export termbases to and from Excel. Plus, the GroupShare feature gives you real-time concurrent access and live updates, guaranteeing a smooth workflow and improving your team’s productivity.

2. MemoQ

MemoQ is an excellent translation and localization solution that meets the demands of all types of users, from enterprises to translation agencies and translators. For enterprises, MemoQ offers tailor-made features such as project tracking, flexible workflow, automatic quality checks, advanced reports and many more. For translation agencies, they can benefit from MemoQ’s collaborative translation environment which boosts translation processes and translators’ productivity. Besides, the platform’s user-friendly display, powerful terminology management, and fast spell-checking feature are highly appreciated by translators.

memoq-popular translation tools

3. Memsource

Memsource is a cloud-based translation solution that applies artificial intelligence during the translation process to minimize translation costs. It is the combination of traditional translation technology with artificial intelligence technology. Before human translators work on a document, Memsource identifies content that can be automatically translated. This feature helps increase the translation’s quality and speed while cutting down on costs. Like other CAT Tools, Memsource also integrates Translation Memory and Terminology Management features in its platform.


Content Editing Tools

1. Linguee

linguee-popular translation tools

Linguee is a popular translation tool that translators can benefit a lot from. The tool is a combination of a dictionary and a search engine for translators. It provides numerous language pairs, mostly European languages. You can search for the meaning and translation of a single word, an idiom, or expression on Linguee. Or you can also search for the translations of an entire sentence. Once you press the enter button, Linguee will search its database as well as the web to find relevant translated documents and show you how other people translated the words or sentences. As a result, you can learn from millions of reliable translations and produce the best one for yourself.

2. Microsoft Language Portal

microsoft-language-portal-popular translation tools

If you are working on an IT and Software translation project, don’t forget to check out Microsoft Language Portal. You can search the translations of key Microsoft terms in up to 100 languages. The platform gives you the definition of the word you need and suggests some related terms.

3. Interactive Terminology for Europe

popular translation tools-iate

Interactive Terminology for Europe (IATE for short) is a terminology database for the EU. It has nearly 8 million terms used in EU-related written communication documents. New terms are updated weekly while old terms are either modified or deleted. So you can rest assured that terms in 28 European languages in IATE are up-to-date and good to use for your documents.

4. Magic Search

magicsearch-popular translation tools

Magic Search is a multilingual metasearch engine. With one click, the platform will display results from numerous resources, such as Wordreference, ProZ, Linguee, Microsoft, etc. Also, you can customize your own dictionaries (add, remove or reorder them).


Localization Platforms

1. Smartling

What makes Smartling great is its automated translation and integration. Clients can easily and seamlessly connect their content management systems, code repositories, mobile apps, or eCommerce systems with Smartling. They can manage translation without leaving their familiar applications. The platform is built into the CAT Tools, so you can easily get access to the translation memory, glossary terms, or style guides. Besides, the WYSIWYG editor from Smartling allows you to see visual context i.e. how the translations look in real time. Like other localization flatforms, Smartling also provides a powerful content management feature, helping you manage and control the quality and time of a translation project.

2. Transifex

Transifex is a localization platform that benefits you in various aspects. It’s a cloud-based repository to store all source contents and their translations that you can access anytime. No more FTP servers, spreadsheets or attached email files. Also, Transifex provides a solution for managing your teams and connecting directly with your clients. You can customize your own workflow and make sure the project runs smoothly. So next time you have a website, mobile app or video localization project, this platform is worth being checked out.

tran-popular translation tools

3. Crowdin

Crowdin is a great choice for collaboration among teams of translators during the process of localization. It’s a cloud-based platform that allows you to create tasks, invite your teammates, produce reports, and keep track of the workflow in real-time.


Translation Forums

1. ProZ

ProZ is one of the world’s largest forums for translators. With around 4 million visits per month, ProZ is a helpful tool and community you should not ignore. You can post jobs, find jobs and connect with other translators around the world on this platform. Additionally, the Kudoz forum on Proz is a place you can search for terminology in numerous fields and various language pairs. There are also insightful shares and surveys conducted by translators around the world, giving you interesting knowledge about your domain or the translation industry.

2. Translators Café

Translators Café is also a forum for translators like ProZ but on a smaller scale. With this platform, you can post, find, and bid jobs. Like its name, you can come here to open a discussion, share your experience or ask for advice from other translators. This platform has a small drawback though. It has an old and “2000s” display (as you can see from the picture below).

capture-popular translation tools

3. Translation Directory

Translation Directory gives you free access to their database of glossaries, dictionaries, software, and numerous resources that might help you with your translations. You can also ask questions in the forum. However, the chance your questions are answered right away is low. Because the forum attracts only over 100,000 visits per month. Another drawback of Translation Directory is that translators cannot look for jobs. You can set up a good profile and if clients find you suitable, you will be contacted. Anyway, you should check it out some times.

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