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Top 10 Chinese Translation Agency Options for Your Business

Posted by Ariel D. on July 15, 2022.

Finding a Chinese translation agency that will live up to all of your expectations might be difficult, but it’s also not impossible. There are several top companies that can boost your market share in China.

Here is a list of the best Chinese translation agency options that offer comprehensive Chinese translation solutions.

1. GTE Localize

01 Chinese translation agency

As a fast-growing Chinese translation agency, GTE Localize never stops expanding the solutions to meet the client’s needs. Working with all major languages around the world but GTE Localize focuses on the dominant Asian languages, and Chinese translation is one of the main leading services.

The Notable Points

  • All Chinese translation jobs at GTE Localize are handled by native Chinese speakers with at least five years of experience as professional linguists.
  • GTE team has a great knowledge of the Chinese language, culture, and locale specifics (Download our White Paper to know more about the key points of China market).
  • Clients can have high-quality Chinese translation services at the most affordable price.
  • XBench QA round, or an internal LQA round, is adapted for every Chinese translation project to guarantee that you receive the best result (for high-volume projects). You won’t be charged any more fees since GTE Localize will pay for these extra procedures.
  • To provide you with ongoing Chinese translation services, we support all CAT Tools currently available on the market and collaborate with a number of localization management platforms (Crowdin and Lokalise).


2. Stepes

Stepes is a primary Chinese translation agency, assisting customers in accelerating their success in China by providing excellent Chinese communication for their goods and services.

The Notable Points

  • Stepes pays attention to the legal, financial, medical, manufacturing, telecom, and online retail sectors.
  • Stepes’ Chinese professional translators, having linguistic excellence and quick response, are particularly educated in properly technical text.
  • AI-driven language technologies that take full use of computer and human talents. The Stepes’ translation management system enables terminology search in real-time, on-screen linguistic review, machine learning, and a variety of linguistic QA tools.


3. TransPerfect

02 Chinese translation agency

TransPerfect is one of the oldest among the top Chinese translation agency businesses. It began in 1992, and very quickly it gained prominence on a global scale. The company provides a vast selection of services, contracts, and languages.

The Notable Points

  • You might request one-time support with your project or sign a long-term contract where a specific team of linguists would be working with you every day.
  • Services in Mandarin are more expensive, however, the extensive expertise this organization has may help to explain the higher costs.
  • TransPerfect’s services have a high degree of accuracy.


4. Tomedes

Tomedes has a typical amount of experience among the top Chinese translation agency options on this list. This company was created in 2007 to suit the linguistic requirements of clients from all over the world.

The Notable Points

  • Customers may buy translations in 100 different languages, with Chinese being one of the most popular choices.
  • Prices are excellent and reasonable even with short deadlines.
  • Firm quality of Chinese translations.


5. Gengo


When this Chinese translation agency was established in 2008, it started to operate via crowdsourcing, quickly establishing a reputation as an innovative service. It’s accurate up to a degree, but Gengo’s nature restricts the services it can offer.

The Notable Points

  • Its primary emphasis is translation. Its language experts have a wide range of industry specializations, so you can be sure that your demands will be addressed.
  • The supporters respond abruptly and assign creative approaches to all assignments.


6. JR Language

Since 2006, JR Language has been provided as a qualified Chinese translation agency that is always open for revisions and fast in delivery.

The Notable Points

  • Although Spanish is its area of expertise, it also supports more than 100 other languages, including Chinese. JR Language has an impressive service diversity.
  • This company runs an effective process. Operators are a reliable source of assistance since they can guide you through the company’s wide range of services and identify your needs. Additionally, you might pay extra for services like a printed copy or a notarized copy of your translation.


7. Day Translations

Since this Chinese translation agency was founded in 2007, Day Translations has gained considerable experience and a distinguished client base.

The Notable Points

  • Day Transslations provide a lot of Chinese services, including translation and localization.
  • Prices are rather above average but are affordable.
  • Any assignment you purchase will be completed by the deadline since these professionals know how to do it right.


8. Today Translations


This company offers great Mandarin translation services and has been in business since 2001. Now, they have twenty years of solely translating experience.

The Notable Points

  • Customers have access to more than 200 different services, with Chinese being one of the most popular alternatives.
  • Somehow, you can find the best experts in several industries here.


9. TranslateHub

TranslateHub is a suggestive Chinese translation agency for marketers or localization managers.

The Notable Points

  • This company collaborates with native Chinese speakers and has an editing staff that reviews each production. It is able to attain the highest quality thanks to this strategy.
  • TranslateHub has enough translators on staff to handle even tight deadlines. These people might assist you at any time.
  • They provide cheap prices for many types of Chinese translation services.


10. The Word Point

The Word Point started operating in 2016, offering translation, transcription, and localization.

The Notable Points

  • Operators are enthusiastic and well aware of how their business operates, so they can provide the insights, counsel, and explanations you want.
  • Pretty low prices for Chinese document translation services
  • The greatest quality is provided by translators, who also adhere to customers’ deadlines and publish assignments on time.

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Partner with the Best Chinese Translation Agency

China’s official language is Mandarin, one of the most widely used languages in the world. Therefore, in order to interact with their target market, businesses aiming to grow in the Chinese market must enlist the help of the best translation service provider in China.

There are many Chinese translation agency alternatives nowadays. But as experience and common sense demonstrate, not all of them are effective. Understanding why you should only work with the top Chinese companies will help you discover how to tell them apart.

GTE Localize is one of the top options with an ISO 9001:2015 certificate and high-rated customer reviews on GoodFirms. We have prior experience working with certain fields related to your interests and exhibit expertise in both the original and target Chinese language.

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